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Dolphins Bay Phuket


Dolphins Bay Phuket , which today is one and only dolphinarium in Phuket! It is a unique place where you can see the amazing creatures so close.

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    45 minutes

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We welcome you to Dolphins Bay Phuket , which today is one and only dolphinarium in Phuket!

It is a unique place where you can see the amazing creatures so close. Now you may get acquainted with them. Dolphins are the faithful friends of man. An old legend says that the souls of dead sailors become dolphins and rising from the depth they bring us all their unspent love and devotion.

Our amazing dolphins Ami, Alice, Maya,Casper and Grand as well as funny fur seals Masha and Ponchik open doors for you in the wonderful world of nature, beauty and harmony. You may justify how amazing are they, how they play with each other and with our coaches, how smart and intelligent are they and how funny.

Water on the planet is twice more than earth . This is mysterious and vulnerable huge underwater world. Approaching it in the Dolphinarium, we understand that the safety of the marine world depends on each human person. We just need to know more about sea inhabitants to understand our responsibility for them.

Dolphins Bay is also providing the close dolphin encounter during the Royal Swim and Diving interactions. As a part of our social activity we are going to start Dolphin Therapy in 2016.

We believe our perfomance is the best in Asia and it proved with hundreds of thankful comments we are keeping to receive daily.

All our team done a great job during opening of Dolphins Bay in Phuket to meet all standards and requirements from Thailand Authorities. I would like to mention that our dolphins are captive born in Ukraine. They never experienced a wild ocean and real hunting. They cannot be released into the wild sea as they don’t have any ability to hunt and catch the fish. We are doing our best to let them live a bright positive life and bring us their love and happiness.

Operate Date: We have 3 show time a day: 11.00 / 14.00 / 17.00, close on Monday

Selling Price:

VIP seats (1-2 rows) 1000 THB adult 600 THB child
(VIP seats  are the seat on row A & B which are the front area of  the stadium)

Deluxe seats (3-5 rows) 800 THB adult 500 THB child
(Deluxe seats  are the seat on row C, D, E, which are the middle area of  the stadium)

Regular seats (6-7 rows) 600 THB adult 400 THB child
(Regular seats  are the seat on row F & G, which are the last top 2 rows of the stadium)

Seat Plan:

Dolphin Bay Phuket - Seat Plan

Tour’s Program

Main show:

  • Seal and Dolphins Show only, which has 3 shows a day  11.00,14.00 & 17.00, each show takes   45.00 minutes

Additional activities:

  • Photo with dolphins
  • Photo with seal
  • Swimming with Dolphins
All of additional activity, hotel transportation, soft drinks.
Gate opens 20 minutes before show, guests should arrive at dolphins bay 20 – 30 minutes before show to pick up tickets.
  • Main gate opens 20 minutes before show time.
  • Please hold the ticket individually when entering the theater.
  • Please sit according to assigned seat number.
  • No glassware or glass bottles.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Please take care of your children, don’t let them stand near.
  • Beware slippery floor surface when wet.
  • No smoking.
  • Do not sit or stand on the pool’s edge.
  • Do not lean out stretch out your hand over the pool.
  • People who having an obvious contagious disease such as skin eruption, lesion,eye,ear,nose Or throat infection are not allowed to enter (or touch our dolphins or seal).
  • Please cooperate with these rules and regulations while you are here.

  • We have 3 show time a day: 11.00 / 14.00 / 17.00, close on Monday
  • Show takes 45 minutes.

Open daily (except Monday)

Tour’s Location

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“If this tour does not meet with your requirement, please contact us to modify & custom – made. Your contact will be considered TOP priority and the response will be made directly by the Director of company”

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 45 minutes
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Phuket
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