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Dolphins Bay Phuket – Swimming with dolphins


Dolphins Bay Phuket , which today is one and only dolphinarium in Phuket! It is a unique place where you can see the amazing creatures so close.

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    Daily Tour

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    10 minutes

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    Group Size

    Max Unlimited people

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Meet, Play and Swim with dolphins in Phuket in 10 minutes and sharing the swimming pool with another 5 customers in the same time.

Guests must be at least 6 years old.

Swimming with dolphins — is a unique chance to relax, to get positive emotions, to enjoy the strength and agility of marine mammals. Friendly dolphins during common swimming will substitute their dorsal fins, will repeat bright tricks from the show-performance, and will give you a ride around the pool.

Swimming is the best choice of the closest encounter of the dolphins which brings you unforgettable emotions and lots of fun.

Guests will be swimming with dolphins, riding the dolphins holding the back fin, dancing, kissing and hugging the lovely animal.

Also our instructor will disclose to you some interesting information and hints about the dolphins.

To get ready and prepare before swimming

  • 20 minutes check-in/ towels provided.
  • 10 minutes – brief orientation with a Marine Mammal Specialist
  • 10 minutes in the water.
  • Wet suits or vest are provided and required while in the water

Operate Date: We have 3 show time a day: 11.00 / 14.00 / 17.00, close on Monday

Selling Price: 5,000 THB per person

Tour’s Program

Towel, life jacket
Hotel transportation
Need to book and confirm in advance
  • Do not bring any belongings into the water, Piercings Must Be Removed.
  • Prohibited the person with these diseases asthma, Hearted-attack, Epilepsy, Tuberculosis, Cold, Leprosy, Convulsion HIV, Conjunctivitis, Indigestion and any contagious diseases.
  • Prohibited deformed persons and persons with wound swim with the dolphins.
  • Prohibited the person who drinks alcohol, drug and smoke before getting into the water.
  • Do not make noise and hurt the dolphins.
  • Do not touch the head and the blow-hole of the dolphins.
  • Follow the instructions of the trainers and do not diving.
  • During swimming you should take flippers of dolphin (front or rear), hands must be straight.
  • If you cannot swim, you should tell about it to administrator before swimming starts.
  • We kindly ask to Maintainers do not come to close to the pool boards, do not come up to the stage and do not put hands.

Swimming will do after each show is finished and duration is 10 minutes.
Open daily (except Monday)

Tour’s Location

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“If this tour does not meet with your requirement, please contact us to modify & custom – made. Your contact will be considered TOP priority and the response will be made directly by the Director of company”

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 10 minutes
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Phuket
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